How does this thing work?

it's easy. you send a photo of your report card to Suit Up Bot, and the bot does some next-level AI analysis of your grades to figure out how much it can hook you up for prom

A.I.? What the what?

you know...artificial intelligence. at the risk of nerding out, the bot is trained on optical character recognition so it can read and analyze text (make sure you send clear photos though, or it might mix up that 'A' for an 'F')

What if my grades are really bad?

like really bad or really, really bad? either way, we'll hook you up 😉

What if I just use my friend’s report card?

you wouldn't use your friend's underwear, would you? you would? oh...

What if I’m not in school anymore?

hey - adult prom is a thing. look it up. everybody proms.

I don’t have a date to prom yet…

unfortunately we didn't train this bot for that...yet

I'm creeped out. Who made this?

👋 it's us The Black Tux. we also make cool suits and tuxes

*Any discount code associated with this experience will expire on June 1, 2017.


An AI-powered bot that will hook you up with a discount for your prom tux.

Just shoot over a pic of your last report card.